Letters: Abbot G. B. Follo to Mrs. Adele Miro, July 17, 1968

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Letters between Paduli and the Padulese immigrants in the United States are a rare find. Diana M. Luchko, a descendant of the Massimiano family, sent me this letter. Diana’s family immigrated from Paduli to Oyster Bay, Long Island and then moved to The Bronx, New York City.

Image of the original letter:


English translation:Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 4.51.13 PM.png

Photograph of Abate Giovambattista (Giovanni Battista) Follo:


Photographs of Villermina, Adele and family:

Vilermina Massimiano Wedding 9-16-1916.jpg

(above) Wedding Day of Villermina Massimiano Martini, September 16, 1916, Bronx, N.Y.

Left to right: Carmela Randazzo, Villermina Massimiano, Giosue Martini (the Groom) and Rocco Massimiano (Bride’s first cousin)

Orsola Massimiano Wedding 11-23-1913.jpg

(above) Wedding Day of Orsola Massimiano (Villermina’s first cousin), November 23, 1913, Brooklyn. N.Y.

Left to right: Orsola Massimiano (the Bride) , Clemente Barone (the Groom) , Vincenzo Massimiano (Villermina’s brother), Villermina Massimiano


(above) Villermina’s family, the Bronx, ca. 1947

Left to right: Rose (Villermina’s daughter), Ralph Massimiano (Villermina’s nephew), Vincenza (Villermina’s daughter), Adele Miro (Villermina’s daughter and the recipient of Abbot Follo’s letter), William Miro (Adele’s husband), Joseph Marvullo (the child, Villermina’s grandson,  Vincenza’s son)


1. I received help translating this letter from Antonietta Luongo of Paduli.  Thank you Antonietta.

2. Adele (Martini) Miro was the daughter of Villermina Massimiano Martini.

3. Villermina’s name, as Villermina Martini,  appears on the 1949 bronze plaque donated to the church in Paduli by the citizens of Paduli abroad.

4. Villermina  was the first cousin of Father Henry (Enrico) DeVivo whose mother was a Massimiano. (See Separate post for information about Father Enrico DeVivo.)

5. If you look back into previous posts you will find more letters from Abbot Follo.


This letter is interesting  from a number of standpoints. First, as mentioned above, any such letter is rare.  Although many letters were sent back and forth, very few have shown up.  Also, it shows that in the late 1960s Abbot Follo was still soliciting donations from Padulesi immigrants and their decsendants.

Many thanks to Diana M. Luchko for sharing the letter, the photos of her family  and much of the information.

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