History: The First Official Visitors from Paduli (July 26, 2007)

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Italians of Oyster Bay at Festa di San Rocco - 1931
Italians of Oyster Bay at Festa di San Rocco – 1931
Lo Stemma - Coat  of Arms  Paduli
Lo Stemma


The purpose of this post, and of  several to follow, is to create a record of the major steps taken in recent times to rekindle relationships and ties with Paduli and between the immigrant Padulese communities in the United States and Australia.  The main immigration of Padulesi to the United States occurred from the 1880s through the 1920s with a much diminished flow thereafter.  (The immgration to Australia began several generations later.)  During this era, which I call the Great Immigration, and through the 50s and 60s, ties between Paduli and the Padulesi in the United States were active.  Letters were written back and forth between families; the Mayor of Paduli appealed for support from the Padulese community in the United States; Padulesi in America organized to provide the church in Paduli with an organ, a bronze plaque commemorating the donation of the organ, and a bell for the church belfry; Abate G. B. Follo exchanged at least ten letters with Michele Zullo of Jamaica, Queens regarding the donations to the church; several Padulesi in America attended the consecration of the Bell in Paduli in 1950 including Minicozzi Felice di Rocco and his wife Belinda,and Giovanni Grimaldi.  Padulese groups in the United States also organized various societies to carry on Padulese ties and traditions including Societa’ di M.S. Paduli and Societa’ Ind. di Paduli.  We know nothing about these societies other than that they donated to the Hammond Organ fund.  Then, as inevitably happens, ties dwindled as the first generation passed on.

Interest in rekindling ties began in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century with the formation of the Associazione Padulesi nel Mondo in Paduli and of renewed interest in America by descendants of Paduli. Major events in the recent past include:

Research by Alexander DeAngelis into the passenger lists of ships                     that brought Padulesi immigrants to the United States and that                     resulted in the publication of over 1400 records of individuals                        from Paduli in the website http://www.Paduli-in-America.net

The Establishment of the Associazione Padulesi nel Mondo in                            2005;

Representation of Padulesi in America and of the Associazione                           Padulesi  nel Mondo in the Columbus Day Parade in New York in                     2007;

The First Group Visit from Paduli in 2007 (covered in this post)

The Second Group Visit in 2008 to sign Sister City and Friendship                   City Agreements respectively between Oyster Bay and Paduli                            and Oyster Bay and Campbelltown.

The Dedication of Padulesi Park in Campbelltown, South Australia in 2010.

In addition to the event covered in this post, all other events listed above will be documented in subsequent posts.


On July 26, 2007, the first group of Padulesi to visit the United States since the era of the Great Immigration from Paduli (ca. 1880-1925) arrived at JFK International Airport.  The group was greeted at the airport by Alex DeAngelis who escorted them to the Italian American Citizens Club of Oyster Bay where each member of the group was introduced to a host family.  Many of the host families were related to the group members. From July 26 to August 1 the group engaged in activities in Oyster Bay, Glen Cove, Locust Valley and Bayville, where concentrations of Padulesi immigrants had settled.

The group came to the United States under the auspices of the Associazione Padulesi nel Mondo/World Padulesi Association lead by Dr. Danilo Calderazzo, President of the Association.  On the American side their visit was arranged in large part by Alexander DeAngelis, Peter Scaramuzzo, then president of the Italian American Citizens Club of Oyster Bay, and Gail Couseneau Scaramuzzo, Peter’s wife. Ed Minicozzi, a prominent businessman in Oyster Bay, also played a significant role in making the group feel welcomed. (Unfortunately Ed passed away suddenly several years later but not before he saw the establishment of the Sister City Agreement between Paduli and Oyster Bay and Friendship City Agreement  between Oyster Bay and Campbelltown, South Australia.)

The group departed Oyster Bay on August 1 and traveled by bus to Niagara Falls. It also visited Washington, D.C. before returning to Italy.


Under the Auspices of the Associazione Padulesi nel Mondo   (World Padulesi Association WPA)

JULY 26-July 31, 2007

Danilo Calderazzo and Irene Tartaro Calderazzo (husband and wife, early 30s) and sons Luca and Gabriele (ages 2 and 5); guests of Peter and Gail Scaramuzzo

Maria and Silvia Ranaldo(sisters ages 20s-30s); guests of Peter and Irene Rocco

  • Maria and Silvia are the granddaughters of Domenico Ranaldo, a brother of both Bartolomeo and Pellegrino Ranaldo of Oyster Bay. Peter Rocco is the grandson of Pellegrino Ranaldo.

Caterinna Scaramuzzo (20s) and Antonia Marmorale (50s); guests of Ron and Elaine Ranaldo

  • Margherita is the daughter of Domenico Ranaldo in Paduli whose grandfather, also named Domenico, was the brother of Bartolomeo and Pellegrino Ranaldo of Oyster Bay.
  • Caterina’s grandfather was Salvatore Scaramuzzo.  Salvatore’s brother immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s.  .

Silvio Ranaldo and Rosa Messere (husband and wife – Over 60); guests of Ed and Myrtle Minicozzi  

  • Silvio is the son of Domenico Ranaldo (Paduli) who was a brother of Bartolomeo and Pellegrino Ranaldo of Oyster Bay.  He is first cousin to Dominic Ranaldo and Angelina Ranaldo Scaramuzzo (brother and sister), both of Oyster Bay

Antonietta Luongo (30s) and Antonia Marmorale (50s); guests of Catherine (Kitty) Staab (Minicozzi) and her son Al Staab.

  • Kitty was Ed Minicozzi’s sister.  Al is Ed’s nephew.
  • Antonietta Luongo is a teacher of English.  She translated for the group.

Claudio Mainiero and Daniele Fusco (second cousins – 30s); guests of Mary “Bette” DeAngelis Murphy and Jim Murphy

  • Claudio Mainiero was the Secretary of the World Padulesi Association.  Claudio’s grandfather, Domenico, was the brother of Maria Mainiero DeAngelis of Oyster Bay, grandmother of Bette DeAngelis Murphy and Alex DeAngelis.
  • Daniele Fusco was Vice President of the WPA.  Daniele’s grandmother, Teresa, was sister to Maria Mainiero DeAngelis of Oyster Bay, grandmother of Alex DeAngelis and Bette DeAngelis Murphy.

Pompeo Truglia and Concetta Iacicco (husband and wife, over 50); guests of Ed and Myrtle Minicozzi

  • Pompeo Truglia was a Member of the Executive Committee of the World Padulesi Association and also a Member of the Town Council of Paduli.  Concetta works in the offices of the City of Benevento.

Errico Sassano and Angela Ranaldo (husband and wife – 50s); guests of Maria Bohn McCumiskey and William McCumiskey.  Maria’s mother was a Ranaldo)

  • Angela Ranaldo is the sister of Silvio Ranaldo (see above).  Her father, Domenico, was brother to Bartolomeo and Pellegrino Ranaldo of Oyster Bay.  She is first cousin to Dominic Ranaldo and Angelina Ranaldo Scaramuzzo, both of Oyster Bay.

Maurizio Luongo (30s), Carmine Ranaldo (teen)  and Simone Ranaldo (teen); guests of Maurizio’s uncle, Mario Frumiento, of Locust Valley.

  • Maurizio Luongo is a member of the Board of the World Padulesi Association and also a member of the Town Council of Paduli.  Maurizio speaks English.
  • Carmine Ranaldo is Margherita Ranaldo’s brother (see above).  His great grandfather, Domenico, was brother to Bartolomeo and Pellegrino Ranaldo of Oyster Bay.
  • Simone Ranaldo, nephew of Danilo Calderazzo’s sister, Sofia.

Ernesto Salzano and Carolina Palotta (husband and wife): representatives of the Campania Region (lodged at at the East Norwich Inn)

Additional Padulesi Visitors

In addition to the group members three young relatives of Alex DeAngelis were visiting and took part in all the group’s activities.  There names are Giusseppe Maldifassi, Verena Calderazzo, and Barbara Calderazzo, two sisters and a first cousin.

World Padulesi Association Visit to Long Island: Itinerary July 26-August 1, 2007

Thursday, July 26th:   

6:30 a.m. (Italy) GROUP departed from Paduli to fly to New York via Paris

8:55 p.m.       GROUP arrived at JFK on Air France 008 from Paris.

Alex DeAngelis was there to greet them and to bring them to the Italian-American Citizens Club of Oyster Bay.

11:30 p.m. GROUP met with hosts  at the Italian American Citizens Club, Oyster Bay, 48 Summit Street and then departed for hosts’ homes.

Ernesto Salzano and Carolina Palotta (see Note below) were escorted to the East Norwich Inn.

East Norwich Inn, 6321 Northern Boulevard
East Norwich, NY 11732
(516) 922-1500

Friday, July 27th:

9 a.m.    HOSTS dropped off their guests at the Italian-American Club

9 a.m.     GROUP departed by 12-passenger rental van and several private cars for Glen Cove

10 a.m.   MEETING WITH GLEN COVE MAYOR RALPH SUOZZI  City Hall, 9  Glen Street, Glen Cove.

Mayor Suozzi’s grandfather, Michele, immigrated to the United States from Ruvo del Monte, Basilicata, in 1925.  Mayor Suozzi’s father, Vincent Suozzi, his uncle Joseph A. Suozzi., and his cousin Thomas Suozzi all served as  Mayor of Glen Cove.  His cousin Thomas Suozzi was  the Chief Executive of Nassau County.  The Mayor welcomed them to Glen Cove and took them on a short walking tour of the area near the town hall where the flags of the United States and Italy were flying.

11:00      Drive past the Church of Saint Rocco

LUNCH   Hosted by Father Aaron Vellaramparampil, Pastor of the Church of Saint Rocco in Glen Cove who spoke Italian fluently.  Lunch was held in a big hall near the church.  Typical Italian dishes were cooked by local parish ladies.

3:00 p.m.       Meeting in Bayville with Mayor Victoria Siegel.  (Mayor Siegel grew up in Italy.  She spoke to them in Italian.) Meeting in Oyster Bay with Town Clerk Steven Labriola and Council-Woman Beth Faughen and

5:00 p.m.       BARBECUE PARTY at home of Ed and Myrtle Minicozzi, Locust Valley, New York, for the members of the GROUP and their HOSTS and special guests including the Mayor of Bayville.

8:00 p.m.       Returned to homes of HOSTS for.

Saturday, July 28th               

Tour of Oyster Bay and visit to the home of President Roosevelt (see above). At the Roosevelt home Alex DeAngelis explained that a number of Padulesi immigrants, including his grandfather Rocco, worked on the Roosevelt estate.


4:00 p.m.      Departed for the  St. Rocco Feast in Glen Cove

SUPPER  at Feast

10 p.m.   Departed from the Feast to take guests back to their HOST FAMILIES.

Sunday, July 29th.      

8:00 a.m.       HOSTS drop off guests at the Italian-American Club

8:00 a.m.       GROUP boards van and cars to go to Saint Rocco’s Church, 18 Third Street, Glen Cove, New York 11542, Parish Office – 516-676 2482

8:45 a.m.       ITALIAN MASS at Saint Rocco’s Church

Pastor Aaron Vellaramparampil offered the  GROUP an opportunity to say a few words [5 minutes] at end of Mass about the mission both of GROUP and of  the WORLD PADULESI ASSOCIATION. 

11:15      PROCESSION OF STATUE OF ST. ROCCO from the Church of Saint Rocco around the neighborhood and back to the Feast.

LUNCH    On own

Vincent Marmorale has offered to give a presentation with photographs concerning his work on the Holocaust.  Arrangements to be made.


3:00 p.m.       FEAST

SUPPER   On own at Feast

10 p.m.   Van and private cars departed from the Feast to take guests back to their HOST FAMILIES.

Monday, July 30th

a.m.       HOSTS delivered guests to Oyster Bay Train Station for VISIT TO NEW YORK CITY (see below). 

Multi-Lingual bus tour

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tours.

 Return to Oyster Bay Return t to homes of HOST FAMILIES

Tuesday, July 31st




Campania Regional Office                                         4 E 54th St
New York, NY 10022
(212) 486-8227

Return by Train to Oyster Bay in time for Dinner at 7:00 p.m. with HOSTS and other persons


7:00 p.m.       PASTA DINNER at the Italian American Club in honor of GROUP with HOSTS and other guests.  Prior to dinner, Padulese descendant Vicent Marmorale gave a presentation on his work on the Holocaust and the role played by many Italians to save the Jews.

10 p.m.   Return to homes of HOSTS

Wednesday, Aug. 1 

a.m.       GROUP TAKES LEAVE OF HOSTS AND DEPARTS FROM OYSTER BAY  Subsequent visits included Niagara Falls, Toronto, Philadelphia and Washington,DC before returning to New York for their flight back to Italy.


Article from Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot, October 25, 2007














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